The Unwritten Rule…

When Trojans benefit from the USC Ticket Office lottery and win tickets to games with limited seats, there is a rule most of us know and follow:  If you can’t use the tickets, sell them to another Trojan for face value.  It’s that simple.

For example, last year I had a pair of tickets to the Ohio State v. USC game.  I couldn’t use them because I was serving in Iraq.  Sure, tickets were selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay.  But these were Trojan tickets and they should be used by Trojans:  It’s not about making a buck — it’s about sharing the Trojan spirit on gameday.

Then yesterday I received an email from the Sacramento alumni club.  Seems one of their members was lucky enough to buy 2 tickets through the lottery but is unable to make the trip.  But, instead of sharing that Trojan spirit, she asked fellow alums to submit bids through email.  So, not only did she sell her tickets for a profit, she used the Trojan network to do it.

This is wrong.  Just plain wrong.  The USC Ticket Office lottery intends to sell tickets to Trojans, not ticket brokers.

The Unwritten Rule can also be called the Golden Rule of Football.  Because, just as you might forgo the profit and hand the tickets over to a fellow fan, adopting the unwritten rule usually means you’ll benefit on any given Saturday too.

Just something to think about…36 days before kickoff.

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