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When it comes to the internet, SEC = China

As opposed to sporting events which have incorporated social media to add to the entertainment value (e.g. Nationals Park Fan Tweets), the SEC is trying to stamp out all online communication during games because they consider it competitive with their CBS broadcasts.  Sure, twitter reaches out to a larger audience than phone text messages of the past and posting a photo on facebook is easier than emailing it to everyone in the address book on your cell but, seriously?

Dudes, this stuff isn’t going to go away.  You’d do best to embrace it instead of passing a regulation that will be impossible to enforce.  Time to start thinking out of the box and creating ways to use social media to draw attention to your event instead of to your ridiculous rules for gameday.  See story at:

CBS Declares What the Rest of us Already Know…

The Trojans are the best team of the decade:

Thanks for the link, Craig!