Join us for the Six Games in Six Weeks Tour

GGT is back!  After a one-year hiatus while I surfed the sand of the Middle East, we’re now gearing up for the 2009 College Football season.  I think we’re all ready to see the action on the field after a summer of BCS debate on the Hill and subsequent declarations that changes to our broken system will take at least another five years to fix, if ever.  We might as well wave the white flag and start soaking the watermelon now.

So, if you want to join us, we’ll be at Ohio State on 9/12, Washington on 9/19, USC on 9/26, Cal on 10/3, Ole Miss on 10/10 and Notre Dame on 10/17.  Hope to see you there!

***Just added — Notred Dame on 9/5…I guess it makes it a Seven Weeks in Seven Games tour…

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